Saturday, 30 July 2011

Crazy week in 'Chickey-Land'

Wow!... What a week!

I dont even know where to begin....  Of course, I left you all before collecting my new Millies, who have been named 'Lily', 'Tilly' & 'Millhouse'.  Although the girlies have not resumed laying after the trauma of being moved to a new house, on the whole they are settling in great... apart from a nasty case of Scaly leg!

After the Millies, my 'flock' just kept multiplying... 11 new miniature Silkies (including a rather gorgeous Older Cockerel who was homeless)  and a new batch of fluffballs emerging from the incubator... including little Phantom's first ever babies!

.... and of course, more miniature silkies!

It seemed 'glad tidings' were the theme of the week when I also, rather 'Jammily', secured two adjacent paddocks just up the road in which I plan to achieve total poultry domination.  I have several new trios in mind to embark on a comprehensive breeding program!

All in all, I haven't even had time to breathe, have mananged to squeeze in a few gasps here and there to avoid total oxygen starvation...   I do wonder what next week will bring?!  More Chickens I suppose!!!!

Oh, and P.S...... will be smuggling in the odd pony or two!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Crispy Chick Bottoms....

So, I'm new to all this 'Blogging' Malarchy.... Despite much encouragement from friends and such, I always shied away from it in case nobody bothered to read it!

Of late though, it's hard to not feel the need to share the madness which is my new 'obsession'.  It all started with four run of the mill Bantams which I acquired from my lovely Niece Rosy.  Let's just say I fell in love immediately, and for someone who swore blind for years that they hated chickens, this is a real turn up for the books!

Since the original 'Menage a  Cinq', the whole Chickening thing has spiralled out of control into incubating my own hatching eggs and becoming the proud owner of several breeding pairs and Trios.  

So, what does this have to do with Crispy Chicks Bottoms?  Well,  I found myself of a friday evening, submerging the 'nether regions' of a Serama Chick (see photo above) who for some reason had a huge mass of poop welded to his bottom... And this is what I class as entertainment! (I do wonder, just how dull was my life before the chooks came along?  I shudder to think!)  I found this so satisfying, I proceeded to check all five brooders in the hopes of finding some more poop to obliterate!!  Nothing!!

Bring on the weekend... I'm off to collect a Trio of Mille Fleur D'Uccle (I have no clue either... any 'Proper' French speakers please translate!).....